The cleanrooms specialist

VÊPRES meets the requirements of manufacturers who need cleanrooms to improve production performance.

Wholly specializing in the design and construction of cleanrooms, VÊPRES undertakes to meet its deadlines, provide ISO 9001 quality and warranties, and strictly comply with its QSE policy (ISO 45001).
VÊPRES has integrated teams, a design office and on-site technicians to meet the needs of laboratories, research centres and manufacturers in a range of fields, including microelectronics, biotech, nanotechnologies, medical devices, food processing, aerospace, plastics and cosmetics.

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In the design office, VÊPRES engineers devise customized cleanroom projects for clients. They take into account layout constraints, atmosphere control requirements, work organization in the room and staff flow.

Cleanroom construction

VÊPRES uses its own staff to manage the construction of clean rooms and facilities for atmosphere control. If specialized partners are called upon to work on the project, they are coordinated by VÊPRES project managers in order to guarantee quality and ensure deadlines are met.

Quality and warranties

VÊPRES has complete control of its entire value chain and is committed to meeting deadlines and quality standards during the work phase and the period leading up to commissioning. Warranties are provided for technical facilities and equipment in accordance with customer expectations and in partnership with major insurance companies.

Clean rooms for high-tech industries and research laboratories

VÊPRES has been based in the Grenoble business park in the French Alps for over 60 years. It is specialized in the design and construction of ultra-cleanrooms for clients with the most stringent requirements in the fields of microelectronics, nanotechnologies and health, including BD, CEA, SOITEC and ST MICROELECTRONICS.

On account of its expertise, VÊPRES has expanded throughout France and Europe (in particular, Switzerland, Belgium and Finland), creating cleanrooms for many fields of activity, such as aerospace, plastics processing, cosmetics and food processing.

With experience in many business sectors, VÊPRES advises and supports its clients in their “clean concept” processes and the expansion of their facilities (production rooms, communication airlocks, staff flows and technical zones).

Salles blanches iso 5 pour Beneq en Finlande


Construction of 500m² of ISO 7 and ISO 5 cleanrooms at an equipment manufacturer for the semiconductor industry.

EXCELVISION, filiale du Groupe FAREVA a confié la réalisation de sa salle blanche


Project including cleanrooms as part of the creation of a new production unit.

Salles blanches iso 5 pour Beneq en Finlande


Refurbishment of a workshop with a 750m² cleanroom with 10m ceilings for a company manufacturing medical devices.

The value of our teams lies in their professional expertise and interpersonal skills

Focusing solely on the business of cleanrooms, VÊPRES recruits and trains highly specialized staff, project managers, engineers, technicians, fitters and administrative staff.

VÊPRES is a company with over 50 employees, but which fosters family-oriented human values. This mindset, which combines professional know-how and strong interpersonal qualities, is much appreciated by our clients.

Respecting our commitments in terms of deadlines, quality and warranties is a core value shared by all VÊPRES staff, whether in the offices or on the cleanroom sites.

Création salle blanche et salle propre chez Lumibird

Sébastien Guivarch
Keopsys Industrie (Lumibird Group)

“VÊPRES is a highly-specialized company that asks questions that no-one else asks”

Jérôme Empereur - Président de SGH Healthcaring

Jérôme Empereur
SGH Healthcaring

“Vêpres: a reliable partner”

Beneq Patrick RABINZOHN témoigne sur la réalisation de ses salles blanches

Michel Hallaf
BD Medical

“I know I can count on VÊPRES staff at all times!”

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Our team is on hand to discuss the design and construction of your project. From our integrated design office to the delivery of "turnkey" cleanrooms, the strength of VÊPRES lies its total control over projects, from design and installation through to commissioning.

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15 chemin de la Plaine – ZA Les Bauches - 38640 Claix
FRANCE | Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes | Isère (38) | Grenoble
Tel: +33 (0) 4 76 99 23 30 - Fax: +33 (0) 4 76 99 71 71